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Roof windows, skylights and customized roof glazing are becoming more and more attractive for a number of reasons. They are increasing daylight penetration, visibility of surrounding landscapes or the sky during day and night.


Facade systems comprise the structural elements that provide lateral and vertical resistance to wind and other actions, and the building envelope elements that provide the weather resistance and thermal, acoustic and fire resisting properties. The types of façade system that are used by Lindhorst depends on the type and scale of the building and predicted by the architect.


High-performance, energy-efficient window and glazing systems are now available that can dramatically cut energy consumption and pollution sources. High-performance windows feature double or triple glazing, specialized transparent coatings, insulating gas sandwiched between panes, and improved frames.


Entrance doors are a special feature of every building. The charm of a quality entrance door will improve the overall design of your building and significantly better the first impression given to visitors.


The ventilated elevations are much more durable than traditional plaster. Other advantages are facilitation of service and addition of prestige to the whole elevation. This solution, regardless of higher initial cost, may eventually be a good economic choice.


Company Lindhorst takes also part in special and complicated projects which require outstanding technical knowledge and experience. Any of unique projects can be developed within company providing custom solutions with highest quality and low costs assurance.


WICONA was founded in 1948 as a business division of Wieland Werke in Ulm in Germany. All activities in the areas of research, development, marketing, sales and technical are co-ordinated from international headquarters in Ulm. Solutions for the future are developed and tested in the purpose-designed and state-of-the-art WICONA technology centre.
Schüco stands for innovative window, door and façade systems that meet the highest requirements in terms of design, comfort and security and set new standards in energy efficiency. The company and its Metal and PVC-U divisions deliver tailored products for newbuilds and renovations, designed to meet individual user needs in all climate zones.
Sapa Building System AB develop and market systems for doors, windows, facades, glazed roofs and solar shading. Four combinable systems can be used to create a variety of applications and functions. With many years of experience in developing functional and architectural solutions Sapa offers a flexible building system with space for new ideas.
Forster thermfix light makes it possible to mount a sealing system on commercially-available steel and aluminium profiles as well as on wooden sub-structures. The sealing system is characterized by basic and quick processing and thus by improved economics.
Jansen, a tradition-rich company with its headquarters in Oberriet, Switzerland, develops, designs, manufactures and markets precision steel tube and steel systems as well as plastic products for the building and other industries. Jansen provides its customers worldwide with technologically mature products and system solutions that deliver true added value.
Alucobond is one of leaders in aluminium composite panels since 1969. Company products show extraordinary flatness, large variety of colours and perfect formability. It has been It has been developed as a rigid and, at the same time, flexible fascia material for architecture. ALUCOBOND® is extremely weatherproof, impact-resistant and break-proof, vibration-damping, and ensures easy and fast installation.

Our production facility

Lindhorst has invested in the new production facility which operates on 3500m2 of floor space where demanding production standards are applied to each process.

Lindhorst operates with rigorous quality control and procedures at every step of process using best class machines.

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